The School - Story

The School
In the 1800s In the 1800s, a kind missionary lady from America came to the hill station of Darjeeling, India.  She got a clear call from God to start a boarding school.  She listened, and came with a goal to give very good education to children in the hill stations.  The sole heart of the school was to bring the love of God to these children and open a way to become better people to make a difference around them.  She, with the help of other missionaries was able to hire dedicated missionary teachers from abroad and India.  It was an excellent boarding school.
School Days They taught with kindness and patience and walked the extra mile with the students.  Creative extracurricular activities enriched the school.  Scripture classes were taught in the school, prayers and hymns in the assembly along with Bible readings.
If a missionary teacher noticed a child was rather shy, they would pay special attention to those children to draw them out of their shells to their own particular g…

The Eyes of Faith - Poem

When Sarah was a ninety years old It seemed impossible to bear the child as she was told When Gideon saw his band of 300 trumpet blowers They stood no match Before the multitude of Midianites fighters When Joseph saw visions and dreams Of the day he’d be great It seemed like a joke when he fell into his brothers’ bait When Shadrach, Mishach, Abednego To the furnace were thrown It was sure they were defeated And to ashes they would burn And Elisha’s servant only saw an angry army So strong, he could not fight them Till the Lord opened his eyes to see A Heavenly army glow like gems Chariots of fire in the unseen realm
We see with our eyes and judge with our thoughts Not keeping in mind the victories our Lord has fought He is working beyond what we can think or imagination So lets leave Him to accomplish our lives in His fashion Lets not think and reason with our minds Simply trust in Him, so only then victory will we find !!! He will do more than we can think or imagine Something wonderful and beautiful!
Trust …

The Hand of God - True story

Heema Gautam (Manju), Manipur, India

My Early Life
My name is Heema Gautam (Manju). I am the only daughter of Parsuram Sharma, a well-known Hindu priest. My family lives at Game Village, Imphal, Manipur, India. I have seven brothers, two of whom are also Hindu priests. Being the only daughter of my parents, I was loved and cared for by my family and relatives. We belong to the highest Hindu caste i.e., the Brahmin caste.  My father is a highly respected and honored man in our community.  My mother, Manmaya Gautam, is a hardworking and faithful woman, deeply devoted in her belief in Hinduism and is a faithful worshiper of idols. Both my parents are strong devotees of Hinduism as of course my father is a Hindu high priest.
My family is originally from Nepal, but they settled in India in the northeast state of Manipur, Imphal, which is bordered by Nagaland to the north, Mizoram to the south and Assam to the west; Burma lies to its east.  Manipur is a land of hills and valleys and even pla…

Victories in Spiritual Warfare

Victories in Spiritual Warfare Some time or the other, all of us face mean cruel spiritual attacks where we are hit by a stormy whirlwind.  We have a choice, we can sit down and say the Lord is allowing it for His glory, and continue to witness the wreckage in our lives, homes and around us, or we can chose to walk as warrior kings and queens, picking up our spiritual weapons and war.  We can only accomplish this in the realm of the Spirit, where we can appropriate the spiritual weapons the Lord has given us, and start to pray battle prayers.  The choice is ours, but definitely if we take up our weapons and war, we will see breakthroughs like rising sun in the dawn and that is enough to start rejoicing and praising God through the darkest nights driving out the whirlwinds.  The joy we receive is so powerful that is it really worth it to take up our weapons and fight.
We first have to understand our spiritual weapons and how to appropriate them.  Sometimes, we do not realize the seriousn…