New release of my book

Release of my new book - Akim and the Night Intruders - Rita F. Kurian

This is an allegory (which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, a moral, spiritual truth.)

One night, the night intruders from beyond the stars enter a valley called Dora Valley, causing a great stir in the countryside. These night intruders hail and call an unlikely hero, Akim on a mission that changes his life forever. This secret mission would protect the world from impending destruction. On this journey, Akim and the Star Men meet new people and some even join them. They encounter dangers, trials, go through treacherous mountains, ghoulish forests, break the power of the enchanted island and go to the island of darkness to help the people there, fight battles,and overcome very wicked powerful people with the unusual weapons of the Star Men. They cross the Seven Seas and finally reach the Island of Skilk where people are greedy, selfish and mean. They find the place where they have to take back the unearthly mysterious treasure guarded by the evil Green Snake. With a trick…

Chapter 8 People in the 1700s-1900s Who Walked with God

Chapter 8 People  in the 1700s-1900s Who Walked with God
Spiritual Giants In the Bible, the record of the first people who walked with God were Adam and Eve until their disobedience and the Fall.  Every day, God would walk and fellowship with them in the cool of the day while the glory of the Lord filled the Garden of Eden.
Unfortunately, Adam and Eve decided to explore the beyond delving in the realms of exploration that brought untold dangers on their lives.
In this, they did not listen to God's specific instructions.  Well, the result was a discordant relationship with God.  It took a moment of weakness to take them out of the plan of God.  In that weak indulgent moment of succumbing to the forbidden fruit, their spiritual golden cord was cut from the Lord and they were out of fellowship.  Yet God in His love and mercy restored them.
Over the years, another man walked with the Lord and his name was Enoch.  It is the very first record in the Bible of a man in Genesis 5:24 walking …

Chapter 7 - The Power of Relinquishment

Chapter 7 The Power of Relinquishment
The waiting was long and the hours, days and years slid by silently.  Nothing seemed to happen.  Dina prayed.  But the Heavens seemed still.  "They say pray and God will answer, but where is God?" thought Dinah almost bitterly.
Dina's was praying for a promotion in her job.  Then, she was praying for a husband.  Her friends were all married, yet the door of marriage slammed closed on Dina's life.  The "right man" did not seem to come along.  Dina's spent her days feeling lonely and alone.
Early one morning, Dina took a little walk on the beach as her home was close to the beach.  She walked along, looking at the blue sea waves rolling over the golden powdery sand and swishing back and again returning with renewed force.  All along the beach were treasures of beautiful shells.  She thought suddenly, "The waves are surrendering their treasures to the shore and going back gently and peacefully to the sea, and retur…

Chapter 6: Healing from Roots of Bitterness and Depression

Chapter 6 Healing from Roots of Bitterness and Depression
Pain in the heart can block the flow of a deeper walk with the Lord.  If there is pain, unresolved issues embedded in your soul, resolve it quickly, get it out, don't let it grow in the soil of your soul.  Don't ever let it fester, it will become a gangrenous wound to affect you and finally others too.
A caustic tongue, a snub, a cruelty inflicted can really inflict deep wounds. Someone can hurt us cruelly and mercilessly, and we cannot forget, we cannot forgive. That terrible pain inflicted on our soul cuts like a knife. The agony can be excruciating and the memory could never fade. No, it is not that easy to forgive and forget sometimes.
There are two roads, repression and suppression, pretending it never happened or crushing the memories to the darkest recesses of the soul hoping it would never pop out again into our memory chambers.  We carry on with life as if nothing ever happened wearing the cloak of pretense
On t…

Chapter 5: Salted Testimonies of Communion Walkers

Chapter 5 Salted Testimonies of Communion Walkers
That Wednesday: "Stop burning the candle at both ends!" snapped Tanya's husband, Neeraj.  It was a house of grumbles, grunts and groans, right from early morning to late night evening..even yelling, ranting and raving plagued their home on certain terrible days.
They labeled their home as a spiritual Christian home where they went regularly to church, read their Bibles and held prayer meetings at home.  Yet spiritual chaos reigned in their "haven."
Their two children, Sarah 12, and Jon 9 switched off to the cacophonous confusion in the house and did their own things to please themselves.
Tanya was tired each day.  She got up early in the mornings, put the clothes in the washing machine, started making the breakfast and supervising the maid to make sure she dusted all the furniture, swept, and mobbed each corner of the home.
Tanya kept the house scrupulously clean, cooked delicious food and did everything perfectly…